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For Students and Parents:
Use these resources to preview, review, or extend your familiarity with specific skills and concepts from middle school through high school level math subjects.

Habla Espanol?  Many of the Video Tutor selections are available in Spanish.

    Course 1 (Grade 6)

    Course 2 (Grade 7)


    Course 3 (Grade 8)

For Teachers:
Provide supplemental or extension activities.  On-line quizzes can be used as formative assessments.  Use tutorials for basic skills practice and/or enrichment activities.  Absent students can review topics from home.
Special note to teachers and administrators:  The core of this resource is the Prentice Hall series of video tutors and lesson quizzes.  While these resources can be utilized without Prentice Hall text books, clearly it would be a distinct advantage to be using this in conjunction with the Prentice Hall text book series.

    Algebra 1
    Algebra 2

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