Super Bowl

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Dave and Sarah are going bowling with Mike and Nikki.  Mountain Lanes charges $1.50 per player per game and $2.00 for a shoe rental.  Valley Lanes charges $2.50 per game but offers a free shoe rental.  Assuming that each bowler must rent shoes, which lane offers the better deal for one game of bowling?  Does your answer change for 2 games?  3?  4?

Let "x" be the number of games and "y" represent the cost.  Graph your results.  Write an equation that describes each situation.

Mountain Lanes
($1.50/game, $2 shoe rental)

Valley Lanes
($2.50/game, free shoes)


1) Which line is steeper?  What does this mean in the context of the problem?

2) Where does each line intersect with the y-axis?  What is this point called?  What does this point mean in the context of the problem?

3) How would this problem have changed if Mountain Lanes also charged $2.50 per game?