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Postulates List

CLASSZONE Section Quizzes N.B. these quizzes loosely correlate to the sections in our text... you are responsible for the material we cover in class
CLASSZONE Test Practice Similar disclaimer as above.  The material in these tests is from a newer version of our text book, which does not cover the same sections in the same order, but comes close enough that these tests are worth your time to take and complete
Lesson/Objective Preparation Homework


You are NOT expected to do all of the problems in the hw assiggnment listed at right, HOWEVER, you SHOULD review the problems and focus on your MUDDY areas and be prepared to ask questions.  Even better, ask (and/or answer) some questions on the BLOG.

Another suggestion: READ PAGES 692-701 (you are not responsible for chaps 12-14) at least once (twice wouldn't hurt.

hw #FX-1 Due Tues June 8th 
1) Test #30
2) Unit 1-3 Review pg 114-15
3) Unit 1-11 Review pg 472-73


FINAL EXAM:  Thursday, June 11th