Unit 10

Constructions and Loci



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CLASSZONE Section Quizzes N.B. these quizzes loosely correlate to the sections in our text... you are responsible for the material we cover in class
CLASSZONE Test Practice Similar disclaimer as above.  The material in these tests is from a newer version of our text book, which does not cover the same sections in the same order, but comes close enough that these tests are worth your time to take and complete
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10-1  Basic Constructions

Perform 3 basic constructions

  • Congruent segment
  • Congruent angle
  • Angle Bisector 


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hw #10-1 Due Thurs Apr 28 
1) Read pg 375-377
2) Do Constructions 1-3

hw #10-2 Due Thurs Apr 28  
1) Read pg 380-82
2) Do Constructions 4-7

Pre-read section 10-3
Write Thm's 10-1 thru 1-4 into your GB

10-2 Perpendiculars and Parallels

Perform 4 basic constructions

  • Perpendicular Bisector
  • Perpendicular to a line given a point ON THE LINE
  • Perpendicular to a line given a point NOT on the line
  • A parallel line given a line and a point NOT on the line





10-Concurrent Lines 
  • State and apply theorems involving concurrent lines
    • Medians (centroid)
    • Altitudes (orthocenter)
    • Perpendicular Bisectors (circumcenter)
    • Angle Bisectors (incenter)


    hw #10-3 Due 
1) Read pg 380-82
2) pg 388-89 #1-5,8-15

UNIT 10 QUIZ on Sections 10-1 thru 10-3:  TBA