Unit 8

Right Triangles


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CLASSZONE Section Quizzes N.B. these quizzes loosely correlate to the sections in our text... you are responsible for the material we cover in class
CLASSZONE Test Practice Similar disclaimer as above.  The material in these tests is from a newer version of our text book, which does not cover the same sections in the same order, but comes close enough that these tests are worth your time to take and complete
Lesson/Objective Supplemental Lessons On-line Practice Homework
8-0 Quadrilateral Quest It's Hip to be Square!   hw #8-0 Due 
pg 280 #1-19 Odd
(Simplest Radical Form Review)
8-1  Similarity in Right Triangles
  • Determine the geometric mean between two numbers
  • State and apply the relationships that exist when the altitude is drawn to the hypotenuse of a right triangle


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hw #8-1 Due Fri Feb 25
1) Read pgs 285-87
2) pg 288-89 Written Exercises #1-41 Odd

Your GEOMETRY BIBLE should include definition of geometric mean and Thm 8-1 and corollaries with diagrams

8-2  The Pythagorean Theorem

  • State and apply the Pythagorean Theorem

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The quiz below covers both the Pythagorean Thm and its Converse


hw #8-2 Due Tues Mar 1
1) Read pg 290-91
2) pg 291 #1-13 Odd
3) pg 292-93 #23-35 Odd
pg 280 #1-19 Odd
(Simplest Radical Form Review)

G.B. should include 8-2 Pythagorean Thm


8-3  The Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem
  • State and apply the converse of the Pythagorean Theorem and the related theorems about obtuse and acute triangles.
  • Use the SSS Inequality Thm (Thm 6-6) to prove theorems about obtuse and acute triangles

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hw #8-3 Due Thurs Mar 3
1) Read pg 295-296
2) pg 301 #1-7 in class
3) pg 302 #1-19 Odd  & #20

#19 & #20 should be in G.B. along with Thm 8-3 thru 8-5

8-4  Special Right Triangles
  • Determine the lengths of two sides of a 45-45-90 or a 30-60-90 triangle when the length of the third side is known

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hw #8-4 Due Mon Mar 7
1) Read pg 300-301
2) pg 301 #1-9 Odd in class
3) pg 302 #17-29 Odd

pg 304 Self-Test 1

UNIT 8 QUIZ on Sections 8-1 thru 8-4:  Monday, Mar 7

8-5  The Tangent Ratio  
  • Use the tangent ratio to find the measure of an acute angle and find distances indirectly

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hw #8-5 Due Thurs Mar 17th

1) Read pg 305-306
2) pg 308 #1-23 Odd


8-6  The Sine and Cosine Ratio  
  • Define the sine and cosine ratios for an acute angle



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hw #8-6 Due Mon Mar 21st

1) Read pg 312-313
3) pg 314-15 #1-17 Odd


hw #8-7 
1) Read pg 317-318
2) pg 319-320 #1-13




8-7  Applications of Right Angle Trigonometry  
  • Solve right triangle problems by correct selection and use of the tangent, sine, and cosine rations
  • Use trigonometric ratios to solve problems involving angles of elevation and depression



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UNIT TEST REVIEW Vocabulary QuizPHSchool.com Logo Chapter TestPHSchool.com Logo

N.B. You are not responsible for any "Vector" questions

hw #8-8 Due Wed Mar 23rd
Suggested Study: do problems on pgs 323-325 Chap Review and Test
UNIT 8 TEST:  Wednesday March 23rd