Unit 1

Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles

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Postulates List

CLASSZONE Section Quizzes N.B. these quizzes loosely correlate to the sections in our text... you are responsible for the material we cover in class
CLASSZONE Test Practice Similar disclaimer as above.  The material in these tests is from a newer version of our text book, which does not cover the same sections in the same order, but comes close enough that these tests are worth your time to take and complete
Lesson/Objective Supplemental Lessons On-line Practice Homework
1-1  A Game and Some Geometry
  • Use the term equidistant
  • Use the terms point and line
  • Draw representations of points and lines



hw #1-1 Due Mon Sep 13
1) read pgs 5-6

2) Do "Written Exercises"
    pg 7-8 #1-12 ALL
               #12-28 EVEN

1-2  Points, Lines, and Planes
  • Use the undefined terms point, line, and plane
  • Draw representations of points, lines, and planes
  • Use the terms collinear, coplanar, and intersection
PHSchool.com Logo Identify Points, Lines, and Planes (see Chapter 1 - Essentials of Geometry)




hw #1-2 Due Weds Sep 15
pg 10 #38-46 EVEN
pg 15 #3-48 EVERY 3rd (i.e. 3,6,9,etc.... you're the advanced class, do the MATH!)

1-3  Segments, Rays, and Distance
  • Use symbols for lines, segments, rays, and distances
  • Find distances
  • State and use the Ruler Postulate and the Segment Addition Postulate
PHSchool.com Logo Use Segments and Congruence (see Chapter 1)

Use Midpoint and Distance Formulas (see Chapter 1)

hw #1-3 Due Fri Sep 17
pg 21 #1-35 Odd
pg 25-26 #1-19 Odd

All Postulates and Theorems from Chapter 1 should be written out in full AND neatly illustrated in your Geometry Bible.  Bible Readings (by me) are threatened on the date of each Unit Test (TBA)


1-4   Angles
  • Name angles and find their measures
  • State and use the Angle Addition Postulate
  • Recognize what can be concluded from a diagram
PHSchool.com Logo Measure and Classify Angles (see Chapter 1)

Describe Angle Pair Relationships

1-5  Postulates and Theorems Relating Points, Lines, and Planes
  • Use postulates and theorems relating points, lines, and planes
  Fill-in-the-blanks of this "Postulates" worksheet

Answer key

hw #1-4 Due Tues Sep 21
pg 30 #1-20  Answers
pg 31 #1-24  Answers

We will BRIEFLY REVIEW the hw prior to the test... you should ask questions on the BLOG in advance... if there are no questions on the blog, I will be much less inclined to answer questions!

UNIT 1 TEST:  Tues Sep 21  :-)