Unit 10

Polynomials and Factoring

Unit 10 Skills Review       


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Prerequisites - Get ready for this unit with the following activities BrainPops
Prime Factorization
- Polynomials 
10.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
How to Add & Subtract Polynomial Expressions

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Just the FACTS
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(read 3 pages)
QuikChek HW #10-1 Due 
pg 512 #15-26



10.2 Multiplying Polynomials
How to multiply two polynomials using the Distributive Property and the FOIL method
Multiplying with Algebra Tiles


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(read 3 pages)

More Practice!

HW #10-2 Due 
pg 518 # 8-14, 17-18, 25-26, 29-34
pg 512 #32-34
10.3 Multiplying Polynomials - Two Special Cases
How to use the special-product patterns for the product of a sum and difference and for the square of a binomial
RegentsPrep QuikChek HW #10-3 Due 
pg 525 #11-14, 17-20, 23-26
pg 518 #21-24,27-28
pg 534 #1-4

[Answers to HW]

QUIZ - Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials 10.1 - 10.3 TBA

10.5a Factoring "EASY" Quadratic Trinomials
How to factor a quadratic trinomial or recognize that it cannot be factored
(Leading Coefficient = 1)
Factoring with Algebra Tiles

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QuikChek hw #10-4 Due 
pg 538 #5-21


It is highly recommended that you SAVE hw #10-5 for Monday night

hw #10-5 Due 
pg 538 #22-28



10.4 Factoring: Special Products
How to factor polynomials that have a monomial factor, that are the difference of two squares, and that are the perfect square trinomials
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QuikChek HW #10-6 Due 

Complete Problem Set 10A

10.5b Factoring "HARD" Quadratic Trinomials
(Leading Coefficient not = 1 )



Unit 10 Skills Review


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Factoring by Grouping
by James Brennan

QuikChek HW #10-7 Due 

As we discussed in class, the HW below is mostly optional and for your studying ENJOYMENT.  Please recall that PS !0C looks very much like a T*&%... don'cha think?!

Complete Problem Set 10C

OPTIONAL Practice (fun!)
pg 559 #1-20 (use any method)

MORE OPTIONAL Practice (more fun!)

Complete More Factoring of Quadratics Problem Set

pg 556 #9-12,21-22 (use any method),#37-44 (for 37-44, ignore the reference to a "discriminant" and just "factor"... if the expression can't be factored, answer "prime")



10.6 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
How to use factoring to SOLVE a quadratic equation
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QuikChek N.B. This section will NOT be on the UNIT 10 Test.  Not to worry, we will cover it later in the next unit.