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How to Use The Math Chamber Web Site

The focus of this web site is to help each student SUCCEED.  To that end, this web site strives to provide the following:

1) a supplemental classroom instruction/ presentation medium

2) an archive for classroom notes and activities for students who, for any reason,  miss class for one or more days 

3) a communications hub for classroom expectations and policies, homework and projects, quiz and test schedules, etc.

4) links to external on-line resources, such as lesson-by-lesson self-assessments (a.k.a. "Quik Cheks") available from textbook publishers,  Glencoe ( and Prentice Hall (, and more...


Students are NOT REQUIRED to use this web site outside of class.  The site is a resource for extended learning.  Just as a student may pursue independent study, extra help from the classroom teacher or tutoring and support services, so may they make use of this web.  While not a requirement, students will be encouraged to access the Math Chamber web, particularly to catch up on missed assignments and class notes, or avail themselves of the on-line self-assessments.

Acknowledgement: Many of the glossary definitions contained herein are derived directly or indirectly from the Glencoe/McGraw Hill text: "Algebra 1 - Integration, Applications, Connections", The McGraw-Hill Companies, Westerville OH, 1998. [return to glossary]




The MathChamber is not intended to be used stand-alone or for home-based instruction.  One should not expect to simply surf the slide show and learn.  Certain pages are tied directly to classroom-based lessons and activities, and thus may appear to be out of context to an "outsider."  Students should understand that success in the classroom is based on participation in classroom activities, completion of all assigned work, rigorous note-taking and effective study and organizational skills.  The web site is designed to supplement, not replace, all of these required activities and attributes.

This site is best viewed on Internet Explorer v5.0 or higher.  Your screen pixel resolution should be set to about 1024 x 768.  Please see me or e-mail me with any difficulties in viewing the site.

Thank you,
Mr. Chamberlain